Current vacancies

We currently have vacancies at following positions:
Worker of chemical production (machine and equipment)
We are looking for chemical production worker in continuous operation - 12-hour shifts - morning and night, long and short week. Education - secondary vocational school or secondary school in the field of chemistry, or other technical orientation. Get on immediately. The work is medium physically demanding. Salary will be determined by practice.
This position was granted permission to place a vacancy in the central employee registration card indicating willingness to employ foreigners (ie citizens of other states than the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). It is especially suited for citizens of the former Soviet Union.
Operational locksmith handyman
We'll get a locksmith. We require W111 + W131 + W135, forklift driver.
Assistant Worker 
We are looking for Assistant Worker in chemical production factory.
CVs to be sent to mzdy@enaspol.cz. In case we do not contact you by return, a different contender was promoted to the 1st round.
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