Spolapon XS Na 30 - Sodium xylenesulfonate (SXS)

Spolapon XS Na 30


Chemical description Sodium xylenesulfonate
INCI name Sodium Xylenesulfonate
EC name sodium (xylenes and 4-ethylbenzene)sulfonate
CAS # 1300-72-7
EC # 701-037-1
Spolapon XS Na 30 is a hydrotropic substance used as a coupling agent, viscosity modifier, solubilizer andácloud point andácrystallization temperature depressant ináliquid cleaning, washing and laundry detergents.
Most commonly Spolapon XS Na 30 is used ináheavy duty cleaners, wax strippers, dishwashing liquids, hard surface cleaners andámetalworking cleaners.
Hydrotropic properties of Spolapon XS Na 30 are utilized for reducing the cloud point andácrystallization temperature of complex blends. Solubilizing properties of the product can substitute function of a solvent ináfinal formulations.
Spolapon XS Na 30 serves also as an anti-caking agent in the process of spray drying of detergents and many other industrial applications.

Physical andáchemical properties

appearance at 20░C light-yellow liquid
density at 20░C, g/cm3, c. 1.14
active matter, % wt. 30 ▒ 1
pH, 3% aqueous solution 7.0 - 10.0

Application areas

Dyes and pigments
HI&I cleaning
Laundry detergents
Industrial auxiliaries
Oil fields

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