Spolonil AES 4859 - Sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), 4 EO

Spolonil AES 4859


Chemical description Sodium lauryl ether sulfate based on fatty alcohol ethoxylate C12-14 with 4 moles of EO
INCI name Sodium Laureth Sulfate
EC name Alcohols, C10-16, ethoxylated, sulfates, sodium salts
CAS # 68585-34-2
EC # 500-223-8
Spolonil AES 4859 is an anionic surfactant suitable for use in the manufacture of small particle polymer emulsions and dispersions, especially acrylate homo and copolymers, vinyl acetate-acrylate copolymers and styrene-acrylate copolymers. Main application areas include architectural coatings, adhesives and paper coatings.

Physical andchemical properties

appearance at 20C clear yellowish liquid
density at 20C, g/cm3, c. 1.04
solids, % wt. 31 1
sodium sulfate, % wt., max. 0.8
pH, 10% aqueous solution 7.0 8.5

Application areas

Emulsion polymerization
Paints & coatings

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