Syntapon ATP-K


Chemical description Surfactant-based blend with enzymes and complexons
Syntapon ATP-K is an efficient phosphate-free liquid laundry detergent for both machine and hand washing with high washing efficiency at all temperatures and with reduced foamability. It can, however, foam in demineralized water. Optimal washing efficiency is obtained at washing temperatures between 40 – 60 °C.
High washing efficiency of Syntapon ATP-K provides for washing without the need of pre-soaking and prewash. The product is readily biodegradable and does not contain any chemical bleaching or dye-stabilizing additives. Such properties make the product especially suitable for washing in textile industry and communal and institutional laundries.
Syntapon ATP-K is supplied without dye and fragrance which can be added upon customer’s request.

Physical and chemical properties

appearance at 20°C clear to opalescent yellowish liquid
ionic character anionic
density at 20°C, g/cm3, c. 1.01
dry matter, % wt., min. 42.0
pH, 3% aqueous solution 8.5 - 10.5

Application areas

Laundry detergents

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