Spolostan 7G


Chemical description Sodium salt of high-molecular condensate of naphthalenesulfonic acid with formaldehyde
INCI name Sodium Polynaphthalenesulfonate
EC name Naphthalenesulfonic acid, polymer with formaldehyde, sodium salt
CAS # 9084-06-4
EC # -
Spolostan 7G is a highly efficient superplasticizer for concrete and mortar mixtures.
Using Spolostan 7G in a concrete mixture at given proportions of cement, sand and aggregates provides for achieving enhanced workability (increased flow) of fresh concrete, increased concrete strength in first days and months (by 15 – 50 %) by reducing the amount of mix water while retaining its workability and achieving cement savings up to 20 % while retaining the concrete strength.
Spolostan 7G is used especially for massive and reinforced concrete structures, precast concrete elements and structures as well as concrete for hydraulic structures.
Spolostan 7G is also employed in oil field chemicals for oil well cementing or as a dispersing agent in emulsion polymerization.

Physical and chemical properties

appearance at 20°C yellow-brown dust-free powder
dry matter, % wt., min. 95.0
chlorides (Cl-), % wt., max. 0.1
alkalis (Na2O), % wt., max. 16.0
sodium sulfate, % wt., max. 5.0
pH, 1% aqueous solution 6.0 - 8.0

Application areas

Emulsion polymerization
Construction chemicals
Concrete superplasticizers
Oil fields
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