Spolapon AES 242/90 TIPA


Chemical description Triisopropanolamine salt of lauryl ether sulfate based on natural fatty alcohol ethoxylate C12-14 with 2 moles of EO, in propylene glycol
INCI name TIPA-Laureth Sulfate (and) Propylene Glycol
EC name
Alcohols, C12-14 (even numbered), ethoxyated, sulfated, triisopropanolamine-NH4 salt
CAS # 174450-50-1
EC # 605-725-1
Spolapon AES 242/90 TIPA is a mild anionic surfactant suitable for use as a starting ingredient for the production of bath products, personal care products and cleansing agents. Typical example are bubble baths, water-free shampoos and lotions. It is mostly appreciated for its superior lathering properties which allow easy adjustment of skin compatibility.
Spolapon AES 242/90 TIPA is especially valued for its low skin irriation and ready biodegradability.

Physical and chemical properties

appearance at 20°C clear yellowish liquid
density at 20°C, g/cm3, c. 1.00
active matter, % wt. 82 - 92
1,2-propylene glycol, % wt. 5 - 10
unsulfated matter, % wt., max. 5.0
pH, 3% aqueous solution 6.0 - 8.0


HI&I cleaning
Personal care
Laundry detergents

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